How to Reset the X-T2

I made some changes in the focus settings and lost the autofocus (AF). I was left with manual focus only (and the focus box in the viewfinder no longer turned green or red). After numerous failed attempts in the camera’s maze of menus to revive the AF, I went online to look for help. Nada. I couldn’t find anything on this problem.

I gave up and decided to do a reset. To add to my frustration, I couldn’t find the reset tool in the camera’s menu systen. I went online and came up empty there, too. I found some info for other Fujiflm models, but it wasn’t compatible with the X-T2. In a final desperate attempt, I returned to the maze once more to find the elusive reset. I found it, buried deep under “User Setting.”

Here’s how to reset the X-T2:

  1. Click the MENU/OK button.
  2. In the menu, click on the WRENCH icon .
  3. Select USER SETTING.
  4. Select RESET.
  6. Click OK.

The reset took me back to the default settings and that beautiful AF box that glows green or red when I half-press the shutter button.

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