How to Set Up the X-T2 to iPhone 6P Remote Control Connection

Last updated 6/2/17

The following is a text version of the video instructions.

The first time you use the wireless feature in your X-T2, you’ll need to set it up:

1. On the X-T2, go to the SETUP  menu.


3. Type in your camera’s name: FUJIFILM-XXXX (replace the XXXX with a name of your choice)

4. Click the DISP/BACK button to exit.

Once your X-T2 has a unique NAME, proceed with the connection.

1. If you haven’t yet, go to the App Store and download the Fujifilm Camera Remote app for your iPhone.

Fujifilm Camera Remote

2. On the X-T2, go to the CAMERA  menu.


4. On the iPhone, go to SETTINGS  iphone settings  and select the FUJIFILM-XXXX network.

5. On the X-T2, the green Wi-Fi icon starts flashing.

6. On the iPhone, open the Fujifilm Camera Remote app Fujifilm Camera Remote 15 and select REMOTE CONTROL.

7. On the X-T2, the screen goes blank.

8. On the iPhone’s Camera Remote app, you’ll see what the camera sees.

9. Use the iPhone’s touchscreen to focus on the subject and adjust ISO, aperture, shutter speed, film simulation mode, etc. To switch from S.S. (shutter speed) to aperture, press the S.S. lightly and release. APERTURE will appear as an option. Tap to select it. To raise or lower, use the arrow <> keys.

10. Press the red dot to release the shutter.

This is the X-T2 photo that was shot via the remote app in iPhone.

Note: I haven’t tried this routine on other iPhones or smartphones, but I’m guessing that the process would be similar.

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