X-T2 with 55-200mm and 10-24mm: Hōkūleʻa Returns Home 2017

Last updated 6/20/17 9:20pm

Shot this with my X-T2, with mostly the 55-200mm. I used the 10-24mm for crowd shots. Began shooting at 6:15am from the Ala Wai Yacht Club end of the harbor, thinking that would give me the best angle. There weren’t many people yet, so I got a good seat on the wall. As the voyaging canoes from the other islands began to arrive ahead of the Hokule’a, I realized my view might be blocked. They were being moored almost directly in front of me.

At the harbor entrance.

Since the estimated arrival time was 9:00, I decided to find a better location. It was around 8:40. The water’s edge along the park was filled, so I walked to the tip of park, thinking that would be my best bet for some great shots of the canoe coming in. The edges here were packed, too. However, as I slowly worked my way along the crowd, looking for an opening, I spotted one. Along the stone wall edge, I saw an open spot. However, I’d have to get through the people standing packed together.

Diamond Head coming into view.

I asked one of them if I could get through. She asked if I’d be sitting, and I said yes. She let me through, and I found a seat on a large rock on the water’s edge with a clear view of the harbor channel. My only concern was the waves, which were beginning to break harder against the rocks, sending spray into the air. I didn’t mind getting wet, but I didn’t want my lens to get sprayed with salt water. Turned out the spray didn’t get to me. The Hokule’a became visible on the horizon at around 9:21.

Close-up of some of the crew with Diamond Head in the background.

I shot continuously until 9:42, when the canoe had passed  deeper into the harbor. The crowd began moving toward the docking site, which was way too crowded. I decided to leave and took some crowd shots as I walked out of the park. I stopped at 10:00am.

Diamond Head in full view.

It drizzled off and on earlier in the morning, and I ended up shooting with a plastic bag over the lens. Awkward, but it worked.

Home, at last.

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