16mm Focal Length Test of XF16, XF10-24, and XF16-55

Last updated 08/12/17

These three Fujinon lenses were tested on the X-T2, handheld: XF16 f1.4, XF10-24 f4, and XF16-55 f2.8.

JPGs from the three lenses at 16mm focal length, SOOC, were cropped and placed side by side.

Results: According to conventional wisdom, the 16mm prime would produce better results than the two zooms. Also, based on reviews that I’ve read or seen, I’d assume that the 16 and 16-55 would outperform the 10-24. But in this test, under the same conditions, all three performed equally. I found it difficult to tell them apart.

Discussion: At other focal lengths and under different conditions, quality may vary, so this test is by no means definitive. I’ve field tested the 10-24 quite a bit, and I’ve only begun to test the 16, but my initial shoot with the 16 tells me that it’s IQ is better than the 10-24. Compare the Ala Wai Boat Harbor (16mm) video with the First Shoot with XF 10-24mm and Old Plantation-style Houses (10-24mm) videos. I have yet to field test the 16-551.

Implications: A tentative conclusion is that the 10-24 can hold its own against the 16 prime and the 16-55.

1 Field tested on 8/6/17. See First Shoot XF16-55 F2.8: Ala Moana Center on Kapiolani Blvd. 8/6/17.

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