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4/8/17: Welcome to FujifilmX blog. This blog is neither formally nor informally associated with Fujifilm. This is a personal blog designed to record my journey with two Fujifilm X-series cameras: X100T and XT2.

I began this blog on 8 April 2017, the day after I picked up the XT2 at Best Buy in Honolulu.

I’ve had the X100T since 23 November 2014.

4/11/17: The photos in the header: The X100T was shot with the XT2. The XT2 was shot with the X100T.

8/21/17: Updated the header to add the X-E1. Used the 90mm-f2 on the X-T2 for the X100T and X-E1 photos, and the 90mm-f2 on the X-E1 photo. Cropping but no editing of the RAW images converted to JPGs. Here’s a zoomable copy of the header photo: